Per Year Focus

First year program

LIVE - move - be
During your first nine months you will be given the opportunity to devote your life to discovering who you are and what He is calling you to.  It has been said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  Regardless of your vocational desires, whether within the secular market or within the church, you will be equipped with transformational truths.  VSL will teach you skills that will give you an opportunity to be a success in the home, church, and marketplace.

Second year program

live - MOVE - be
Humility understands that it’s our responsibility to humble ourselves and it’s God responsibility to exalt us in due season. Humility is trusting that God will promote us when we’re ready. We want to live life humbling and submitting ourselves to God. When we seek Him we believe opportunities will seek us.

Third Year Program

live - move - BE
The third year of VSL is one where the student takes a fully active role in the leadership and ministry development. It is in this year where you learn just what it means to BE fully alive in every area of your life.