Equipping Next Generation Leaders to Live, Move and Be in the fullness of Christ.

Core Values

We believe that core values are the standard by which we live our lives.

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Per Year Focus

Each year in VSL our students learn how to come fully alive in Christ through growth and challenges.

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Our Community

VSL is more than a community, it is a family!

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What is VSL?

Victory School of Leadership is a one-of-a-kind program where we are doing college unlike anywhere else!

We are a post high school college, were students earn their bachelor’s degrees through one of two colleges West Coast Bible College (online) or Southwestern Christian University (traditional).

We believe academics is important but that character development is even more vital. Why? Because we have learned that your talent may take you places, but it is your character that will keep you there.  

Although we are a three-year degree program we do not obligate people to an initial three-year commitment. We encourage you to join us for nine months.

During these first nine months, we’ll help you process your past, discover your true identify, and awaken your future.  During your second and third year you will develop your ministry and leadership talents to become all that God has called you to be.

Want the best way to understand VSL?

How it works

VSL wants to equip you to be the best version of you!  Each afternoon students head to Victory Church where they are experience hands-on ministry training, leadership and ministry classes, small groups, prayer, and even fitness.  Mornings look a little different between the traditional and online programs.  To see a closer look at what VSL looks like please choose one of the videos below.

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Alumni - Missions

Dustin Minter

Missions - The World Race

VSL is more than an internship program, it is a program that prepares you for a healthy life walking with Jesus Christ. It changed my life in so many ways. By showing me what living in community looks like, developing me out of my pain and past baggage while building up the aspects of my life that were already good I can honestly say that I grew exponentially from beginning to end. Whatever your desires are in life, whether if that is Youth, Kids, Missions, or simply Kingdom Living, VSL will prepare and take you through to see you succeed.
Alumni - Outreach

Aubrey Miller

Outreach Director - Victory Church, OK

Two of my favorite things about VSL are: the program is structured to rise up whole & healthy ministry leaders while also, surrounding you with a Christ-centered community that you will cherish the rest of your life. Joining VSL was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It not only prepared me for a life in full time ministry, but the community that was built during my time in the internship has continued to encourage me in ministry calling.
Alumni - Youth

Abdiel Pagan

Youth Pastor - Peoples Church, California

VSL trained me to not just be a leader, but lead in the way that God has specifically called me to lead. VSL does not make you into a leader, it simply brings out the leader inside of you. You will constantly be surrounded by community that cares for you and leaders that challenge you day in and day out to reach your God-given potential. What I love about VSL is that it taught me that effective leadership is rooted out of an authentic relationship with Christ. VSL prepares you to be successful in ministry and most importantly, to be successful in life.

Jeri Yeary

Since my son Joshua joined VSL, he has grown not only in his faith and confidence, but in every area of his life. VSL helps nurture and prepare students for different areas of ministry and provides them on-the-job training. Simply put, they are a family that loves God and are there for each other, no matter what! We feel blessed beyond measure with the VSL program! If you or someone you know is planning to go into the ministry, then VSL is the place for you!

Thomas Hughes

President of Print Finishing Systems Inc PRNT, LLC. and Hughes Investments LLC

As a business owner, I love hiring VSL students and alumni because of their work ethic and leadership skills. The skills they learn while in VSL translate well into the marketplace, not just the ministry.


Letter from the Director

Thank you for taking an interest in Victory School of Leadership! We are so excited for this next step in your life and hope that VSL can be a part of it. We know that this season of life can be confusing and often times even scary. Our hope is to help take some of the fear and stress out of this time of transition by providing you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity. I know you have many options at your finger tips, but I truly believe this could be the next step you are looking for.

At VSL, we believe it is imperative to not compromise gaining a quality-accredited education and we also believe in the value of hands on ministry experience. VSL offers the best of both worlds! We pride ourselves in developing influential leaders who will impact both the secular and Christian worlds. Our students always compete to be the best THEY can be in every area of life.

It would be my personal joy to have you become a part of Victory School of Leadership. Please contact us for further information regarding VSL.

I’m excited about your future,

Ryan Latham

Meet Our Staff

Ryan Latham


Hillary Walsh

Assistant Director